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I wasn't one of the fortunate people who found a way to make a living
doing what I love.

I'm a wanderer learning to tie my passions to my work.

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As an Enneagram Type 7, Cancer Sun with Scorpio rising, I never imagined I would work in the highly tactical and analytic world of SEO.

Most days I feel an overwhelming gratitude to be doing work that I love. But to say that I love every aspect of my work is totally untrue.

I don’t love SEO work.  I love freedom.

I love the questions that don’t have immediate answers and thoughts that lead to open space. It is the space of "not knowing" that sparks curiosity. I love knowing there is a solution for every problem and knowing how to define the problem is the road there.

Willingness to commit to something bigger than oneself opens the door to possibility and true freedom. The freedom I seek isn't freedom from something, it is freedom to. It is freedom to follow those nudges.

If my first love is freedom, my second is curiosity.

I just have to know the deep nature of things. I long for truth. Quietness and stillness are treasures. In carving out more and more time to dig deep into the nature of search, I find answers others miss.

I don't blog or participate in social media on a daily basis. 
If I did, I would miss out on the opportunity to bring new and fresh solutions to the market. I made a conscious decision to post less frequently and spend my time researching, finding patterns and uncommon connections, and solving complex problems.

I love this world of internet connection. Not the technical side, as much as the human capacity to use this tool for new connections. It is the basis of my work and the biggest mystery I've ever encountered. I’m fascinated with the concept of developing businesses in new ways and seeing how the very tools some use to manipulate for self gain can be used for reaching out to fill real needs, or to simply connect on a human level.

Part of a greater movement

I wonder what we are creating accidentally and what we are creating with intention. I work with like minded people and have a sense that something big is at work. It isn't that I’m big, or that I’m small, it's just a feeling of being a part of this greater movement.

The world of internet marketing is one that is being created on a daily basis and to think that we know the best way to acquire customers through this medium is actually quite insane. We don’t know the half of it. What is really possible? Who knows? This is the ground from which I work. I’m inspired to see what is possible.

I don’t write nearly as much as I should, but I experiment all the time. I get clues, make connections, test, watch, and observe, then look for ways to validate my assumptions. In the end, there is nothing but change. What worked yesterday might not work today and certainly won’t tomorrow. Along the way I find a few things I can count on and those become foundational in strategy.

Structure brings clarity

Words of a feather do flock together.

In this wide world of possibilities, when we connect to what we love, we find each other. Learning to use the right words is empowering and makes a significant difference in effectiveness of the highly text-driven world of search. SEO has a wonderful way of bringing clarity.

Letting go of formulas and letting nature take its course

woman wading into the ocean

I’m committed to supporting people who want to be visible in search without manipulating search.

I'm in my element when I share strategy and illuminate the big picture -- the why. Hours of the day fly by when I’m following a trail, picking up on the right connections for trusted links and connections for my clients.

My secret is staying connected to my values: freedom, creativity, and truth.

My mantra: “If you can't make a living doing what you love, connect with love in all you do.”

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Your knowledge is so vast in Google and online search and your way of explaining it is so simple and easy to grasp.

I'm so excited to continue to optimize my website and not only that, but with your help I'm able to do this myself, and I get to understand how and why it's done! 

You have been so instrumental in helping me to fully grasp the concept of utilizing keyword strategy to help me grow the traffic that not only visit my websites, but helping me convert them to clients. 

Thank you for your way of laying out keyword strategies in simple terms and making sure I am able to understand the concept and put it into practice with my online presence. 

You're an expert at what you do and I'm so glad to be working with you. Thank you again for your time and input and I appreciate your terrific skills! 

Trishann Couvillion, Owner
Fire Eyes Photography

I've been in marketing most of my career, but today’s new e-world order requires a radically different approach to promoting my business. Tami Smith has been a patient and knowledgeable guide through this new frontier. 

Thanks to her, I now understand the importance of keywords, back links, hyperlinks, and all sorts of new notions. 

Tami has helped make my blog, Web copy, and Tweets work for me—rather than just being more work for me!

Author of Words at Work
Winner of National Best Books Award in Writing

Tami . . . you are great! Our time together was very helpful to me. I have lots of notes, ideas, and now the screencasts.

Just FYI, as someone who has a lot of experience in teaching, communicating and evaluating, I wanted to give you some unsolicited but specific feedback:

You come across ( via site, email, conversation, etc.) as just the right combination of friendly and professional. 

You are able to meet your client ‘where she/he is’ regarding experience, use of language, tech savvy, stage of project development, etc.

Your knowledge set and experience comes through during the consultation; you have both breadth and depth of knowledge.

W. Winn, MD
Megellan Behavioral Health

Not only did I gain incredible insight into the world of SEO, but also unexpected clarity around my niche market and ongoing website development. 

Tami offered her abundance of technical knowledge and translated it into language that was easy to understand and integrate into my business.  

If you want to increase your business visibility and create an effective strategy to build your online presence, get off the fence and start now.

Sarah Juliusson, 0wner
Birth Your Business

I was completely intimidated and paralyzed by the complexity of SEO and worried that paying attention to it would undermine the authenticity of my website. 

Now I love SEO and find it stimulating as well as anchoring.

Before I write a post or a new service page, I know how to make it accessible by doing 10 minutes of simple research. I know exactly where to put the keyword terms and how to organize and optimize my page without compromising my integrity or authenticity. 

Actually, I am now finding that SEO enhances and deepens my connection to "my market" and my ideal clients.

I recommend Tami Smith to anyone who is starting a business or to those who want to fine tune and expand their business. It is one of the most valuable business skills I have now!

Krista Joy Arias, Owner
Tierra Soul