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Keyword Research Targeting

Are you wondering why you are not seeing more traffic, leads and sales from the work you've put into your website?

You aren't alone. Bringing the right traffic to your website isn't easy. You are competing with millions of websites. Some of these sites have high page rank, thousands of backlinks, keyword rich domain names, and are highly optimized for search.

There are hundreds of services that offer some sort of an SEO fix and while some of these techniques can be quite helpful, most quick fixes turn out to be band-aides rather than strategies to get to the root of the problem.

What is the best approach?

Start with understanding your market. I mean a true understanding of your target audience. It sounds so cliche. Understanding a target market is the thing we all know we are supposed to do how often do we find really good strategies or practical means to do it? Small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs usually have a pretty good intuitive sense of the person they want to serve but it can be a difficult to translate that intuition to definable words. 

Keyword Research 

Keywords still matter. It is the process of uncovering keywords that has changed. My approach in surfacing the right words comes from a holistic understanding of "who" is searching.

The bottom line is this, attracting new clients by showing up in organic search takes more than keyword research but keywords play an important role.