SEO Help

You want SEO peace of mind. You want SEO benefits.

Most SEO packages require on-going fees and you don't really know what you are
paying for. 

That can be scary and frustrating. I know. I wouldn't want that for my business, either. The truth is, you can be smart about search engines and attracting clients without spending a fortune or getting lost in jargon. 

My goal is to take the frustration and complexity out of Search Engine Marketing and to provide a framework so you focus on content that matters -- content that builds relationships, trust, and credibility with search engines and audiences. 

It is often said that strategy is as much about deciding what not to do,
as it is about selecting what to do.

What I've found from working with businesses of all types and sizes is that there isn't a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. Your business needs and optimizing strategy should to be tailored to your business goals and brand strengths. Your optimization strategy will never look the same as another brand's.  

I've created an easy way to get started, to understand the unique needs of your situation, and to put a plan in place so you can enjoy the benefits of a search optimized website without unnecessary expense or risk. 


I was reaching out for someone who could help me to get traffic on my website and frustrated because my business was not taking off.

Tami has helped me to dig deep, really deep and get to the heart and soul of my business.

She knows the technical aspects of getting traffic to your website but that's the easy part.

Tami helps you to get back in the driver's seat of your business and she makes sure that destination you're aiming is right for the long run.

If you want to run a business that attracts not only high traffic but is also an expression of your heart's purpose, Tami will lead you there with ease!

Daniel Marty -- 360 Alive

Tami is a highly intelligent, entrepreneurial person who is truly great at problem solving in a creative and effective way. I could always count on her to find a solution with little to no guidance from me due to her take-charge nature. 

In addition to collaborating with colleagues from different backgrounds and experience levels, her solutions are inspirational and cutting-edge. 

She was always my go-to person regarding technology, learning and comprehension, workflow, and so on. I definitely recommend her if you want nothing less than the competitive edge.

Jennifer Tollar  Sales Enablement,
Senior Program Manager at Google