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My Ideal Client

My ideal client identifies with at least one statement
from each section

They are experiencing . . .

  • A roadblock. 
  • More ebb than flow in sales. 
  • Confusion. They've heard search engine optimization is important and also heard some gurus say don't bother with it. They are confused about how it all works and who to believe.

They identify as . . .

  • Teacher, Sage, or Alchemist.
  • Someone who makes a difference in the world with no particular concept of how that looks. 
  • An innovator, deep-thinker, enthusiast, or creator. 
  • Tuned-in to inner wisdom. Moving intuitively and gracefully by balancing intuition with structure.

Their philosophy of marketing is . . .

  • More than anything, it has to be true. Integrity is everything. 
  • It is about communicating value, differentiators, beliefs, and your why. 
  • SEO is NOT a quick fix but important for long-term sustainability. 

If this sounds like you . . . we might be a good fit. 

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