Start Where You Are: A Personalized Guide to Small Business SEO

The best place to start is right where you are -- with the content you have. 

In this consulting session you will quickly learn essential steps you can do yourself to optimize your content for your reader and search engines. If you've ever looked at your SEO plugin and wondered what to write in those boxes, if you wonder if you are doing this SEO thing right, or if you don't even know what an SEO plug in is, you will love the feeling of confidence and assurance you'll have after one session together. 

Start Where You Are: A Personalized Guide to Small Business SEO is structured to give you the most value in the least amount of time.  All those pesky long-standing questions about your website structure, categories, tags, keywords, and what you might be doing wrong (and right) will finally be answered.

What is Included:

  • Website Performance Assessment (uncovering any technical SEO problem areas and how to fix them) 
  • Onpage Optimization of 3 website pages and 3 blogs posts (your choice)
Using screensharing tools, we'll work together through the process of clarifying your page aboutness, writing the meta-description summary, writing great titles, and identifying the most relevant keywords
  • Existing Keyword Analysis - assessment of your existing keywords effectiveness. Often keywords are chosen by your web designer or copywriter and have not been vetted through a process of competitive analysis
  • Specific content gaps, copywriting, and usability recommendations to help you convert more website visitors into customers

What to expect.

  • After booking your session, you'll complete an online discovery questionnaire to help me understand your business goals and objectives
  • When you've completed your discovery you'll book your one-hour-working session 
  • Within 3 days of completing your discovery you'll receive a written report of your website and existing keyword assessment
  • On the day of our working session we will meet via phone and screensharing. We'll start with an overview of your written report and my recommendations for improvement and what to do about any SEO errors. Then we will roll up our sleeves and dig into optimizing 3 website pages and 3 blog posts of your choice.

    You will log into your administrative dashboard and share your screen with me so I can walk you through the steps. By the time we've worked through 
    optimizing 6 pages together, you'll feel confident and ready to continue to optimize every page you write from here on out. 
  • Email support after our session is available for 30 days
  • You'll receive a recording of the call so there's no need to take notes and you can listen as many times as you need 

Your Personalized Guide to Small Business SEO  is best suited if you: 

  • have a WordPress site and have access to your administrative dashboard
  • want to attract a specific audience and ideal clients 
  • have at least least 3 static pages and 3 blog posts already written
  • desire to improve the experience readers have on your site
  • want to create content your ideal clients will find valuable 

Your Personalized Guide to Small Business SEO is not meant for: 

  • eCommerce or retail websites 
  • brands in the creation stage 
  • businesses who do not want a hands-on approach 
  • redesigning the layout or functionality of your site 
  • implementation of SEO technical fixes 
  • writing new css code or changing code to improve site speed 
  • verifying Google Webmaster Tools or setting up Google Authorship 

There are far too many mistakes to make with SEO and it is easy to be intimidated because of its complexities. Many consultants and SEO providers charge $1500 to $2500 for a similar package to what you'll receive when you purchase Your Personalized Guide to Small Business SEO. 

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You can take comfort in knowing you've laid the right foundation and that you've positioned yourself for consistent, organic growth - and, most of all, to be welcoming to exactly the people your business was born to help.