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Link Building is an Extension of your Story

If your website is already optimized with the right keyword strategy, it is time to start your link building strategy. Your linking strategy should be congruent with your content and come from sites your audience will respect.

With links from trusted and authoritative sites, you will build your reputation as a "go-to-source" and expert in your niche. As your site builds authority and trust from backlinks and optimized content, your site will be displayed higher in the search results and bring qualified buyers/targeted traffic. 

This is a step-by-step process that can be organized into chunks of activity. 

We play to your strength and build relationships with like minded people.

There’s a sequence to the steps; my job is to give you those steps and guide you through the process. 

Your Link building Strategy includes weekly coaching calls to achieve your goals. 
I help you identify and contact the best places on the web to connect with your right people. 
With weekly goals you quickly establish a presence and links from: 
  • Authority Websites
  • Community and Co-Niche Sites 
  • Relevant Social Media Sites 
  • Relevant Blogs 
  • Forums specific to your niche 
  • On topic directory sites  
The most ethical way to build trust with your audience and search engines is through relevant connections, consistency, and authenticity.

Link building packages are customized for your needs.

Schedule a no-charge session to talk to me about your situation.