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Organic Devotion


You want people coming to you. Constant marketing and looking for that next client is exhausting.

I offer individual support and coaching to entrepreneurs who crave reliable growth and the peace of mind that comes from a solid source of qualified prospects. 

Being brilliant in the work you do doesn't mean online marketing and promoting yourself will come naturally or easily. If you are sensing that the same marketing that seems to work for other people isn't working for you, pay attention to that intuition.

The digital landscape isn't an equal playing field. Some brand creators have a natural gift for connecting with their right people and they intuitively know what to write about, where to submit guest posts, and how to inspire others to join their communities. Some people are gifted in leadership and have a charismatic presence.  

People who don't particularly enjoy the spotlight, shy away from power, and avoid controversy can easily be drowned out by the more "fascinating" personalities and sometimes struggle for years to gain the attention they deserve. 

Organic Devotion is a personalized coaching program born out of the desire to work with good people who get lost in digital marketing. While it is increasingly difficult to be noticed and heard with the usual marketing tactics, there's a new opportunity to cut through the noise with a clear purposeful understanding of what is meaningful and important to our intended audience and ideal clients. 

Organic Devotion Coaching is a purely tailored solution to help your brand enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Intimacy of SEO. Drawing readers and potential buyers closer to your brand by letting them know you share their values and beliefs, that you are on their side and ready to help, will establish a lasting relationship and trust with your right people.

Currently Booked. Please send email if interested in future openings. 


Tami Smith’s organic search persona profiles are revolutionary! I have worked with other client profile processes to identify your ideal client and this system blew my mind!

The insightful questions challenge you to go deeper into your brand and pull out the subtle nuances of your ideal buyer. All other products end here, though . . . not Tami’s!

It is like making your very own avatar! If you want to launch your company to the top of your game, work with Tami Smith to meet your Ideal client. They are waiting to meet you!

Gail Carruthers, CEO
Kazowe Shoes Inc
Spiritual Girlfriend

The moniker “Searchologist” doesn’t begin to describe what Tami Smith does for her clients. For a wannabe geek like me, having Tami bridge the gap of understanding how to create my online presence in an authentic, heart-centered, and empowered way has been an important piece to my entrepreneurial puzzle.

At a time when I am becoming more focused and clear about the niche that I am to serve, Tami did extensive research to find the keyword search combinations that build the foundation of my unique business identity online. 

She also brought valuable perspective on my branding from the search engine point of view that I simply wouldn't have considered on my own.

Tami is warm, thoughtful, and caring -- and deeply committed to contributing her talent and expertise to her clients’ success.  

Katherine Burks,  Entrepreneur