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Targeted Traffic Blueprint: High Quality Traffic to Your Site

What will a custom Search Optimization Plan do for you?

You need traffic to your site. And not just any traffic. You want people who feel at home with you.

At the heart of the matter, your SEO plan is designed to intensify your relationship with your prospect and clients through integrated marketing.

For solo-entrepreneurs, integrated marketing is the path less traveled and also the path to the greatest rewards.

How it works:

Phase 1:  You and Your Audience the Perfect Match

We start with you. Then we define your ideal client...your people. Sounds easy right? Ohhh boy. I have to be honest with you. This is the most tricky part of our work. On the surface it has absolutely nothing to do with SEO ( search engine optimization)  because SEO isn’t easily understood.

Ultimately, the way to optimize your website is to make it a site your right person buyer will want to visit, engage with, and tell other people about.

The most challenging part of SEO is getting to the essence of what you want to be known for. That is the only way to know where to start with keyword research, the foundation for your SEO plan.

If we ask Google the wrong questions, we'll get the wrong answers.

Traffic that doesn't convert isn't any better than no traffic at all!

Phase 2:  Identify your topics, your keywords and cornerstone content 

I perform keyword research based on information gathered in phase one. I’m considering your most relevant topics, passions, strengths and understanding of your ideal client.

We'll review your keyword phrases, keyword questions and strategy for incorporating into your on-page and off-page content. 

Phase 3:  Build relationships and link love 

In this phase we work together. We’ve already covered a lot of ground ~ we’ve identified pressing problems, we’ve invested in heavy duty research and know what phrases will be best for your audience. We’ve also developed a list of questions your audience is asking to put your in the expert seat by providing great answers. You’ve positioned your solution to be totally awesome at solving this problem.

Now it is a matter of thinking about who will connect to you and endorse you by way of a link. 

Phase 4:  Sprinkle in some magic...consistency and scalability 

Final consulting session to review your plan, answer outstanding questions and determine list of resources you need and systems for handling more website visitors and clients. 

The days of "Build it and They Will Come" are over. 

Today's marketing is about speaking to your perfect people, providing an irresistible offer and showing up in social and search results. 
I was reaching out for someone who could help me to get traffic on my website and frustrated because my business was not taking off.

Tami has helped me to dig deep, really deep and get to the heart and soul of my business.

She knows the technical aspects of getting traffic to your website but that's the easy part.

The hard part was to go with her through a process that peels away one layer at a time until you truly know what your business is all about.

Tami helps you to get back in the driver's seat of your business and she makes sure that destination you're aiming is right for the long run.

If you want to run a business that attracts not only high traffic but is also an expression of your heart's purpose

Tami will lead you there with ease! 

Daniel Marty -- 360 Alive

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Phase 1

You and Your Audience 
the Perfect Match

Phase 2

Identifying Your Topics
and Keywords; 
Your Cornerstone

Phase 3

Building Relationships and Links

Phase 4 

Building Consistency and Scalability