Hold on Tight to Your Dream

I’d like to introduce you someone special. Her name is LaVonne Ellis.

Some of you already know her. If you do, you’ve been blessed by the experience.

For those of you who don’t know LaVonne, here’s the reason I’m introducing you:

Remember the song from ELO... Hold on Tight to Your Dream? I would sing every time I heard the words, “When you see your ship go sailing, When you feel your heart is breaking, Hold on tight to your dream.” I didn’t know I was taking a road away from my dream. I didn’t know that the road to success, the myths and lies I bought into, would come with such a high price.

I believed these common myths.

  • Successful people have a balanced life. They can have it all. 
  • Successful people study other successful people. Success leaves clues, so copy what successful people do and fake it to you make it. 
  • Successful people are persistent. They don’t give up. 
  • Successful people get things done, on time. They push themselves, their staff, and everyone around them to ensure agreed upon dates are met.

I also fell for these zingers:

  • The way to be happy is to make others happy. And, I’m responsible for other people’s happiness. 
  • Money doesn't grow on trees. It comes from hard work. 
  • If you want it, you have to earn it. 
  • Never question your own belief system. 
  • Don’t rock the boat. 
  • Be nice. I fell for it all. I achieved success.

I want to help LaVonne take this Road Trip because her dream is mine.

It is yours too.

We all have a dream. Sometimes we don’t know what it is, or when we lost it.

Go read what LaVonne is doing to hold on to her dream here, and if you feel the same..chip in…there’s a little box on the right hand side.

Lavonne is selling her not inconsiderable website know how/hosting here http://trustwanda.com/

My thanks to Jenny Thomas of DesisisterJen for inspiring this blog post.