The Intimacy of SEO

Designful . Planned . Intentional . Targeted

The intimacy of SEO is about building a closer relationship with our readers and clients.

As you become even more clear about your own identity, how you 
shape your brand, what you want for your business, and how you want to
 work, your knowledge transforms the way you show up online. 

Trust Your Instincts . . . Listen (Even) More Deeply 

Learning the Intimacy of SEO shows the 
highest level of respect for your audience.

Connecting with people who value what 
you value never happens by accident.  

If this is a new concept, don't worry. 

I get it. 

Not everyone understands the intimate nature of SEO. 


I'm Tami. I'm a search consultant, a teacher, a coach, and a friend. 

Online marketing has evolved to the point where we find ourselves stuck with little choice. Not only do we have to be great writers, we have to be continually on the look-out for opportunities to write guest posts (on credible sites) while creating valuable content on our own domain. Then we have to "push content" out to social media in hopes that others will notice, like, share, and link back.

The dream of doing work we love has been buried by the unsatisfactory experience of doing things we really don’t want to do -- just to have a chance to offer our services. As quieter marketers, humanistic and methodical types, we tend to get swallowed up in this never-ending frenzy of digital marketing. 

There has to be another way.

The intimacy of SEO is a new way of looking at website optimization. Rather than ignoring search engines, we respect the process, and make it easy for search engines to crawl, index, and understand our content. Why wouldn't we want make our content more accessible? 


Tami Smith sitting near water

Targeted Traffic is about search engine optimization, but that's only the half of it.

We optimize around values, stir emotions , enlighten minds, and ultimately, inspire conversations.

All services are now offered through The Dawning Point