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Presence in the World of Search

Something very powerful starts to shift when you see your online presence as a way to meet people who are searching. Thinking in an empathetic way helps you to get granular around topics and concerns of the person searching for help.

We'll come back to this in a moment but first I want you to think about how the really great products and services make their way into the market.

I’m talking about the things that really wow and delight you.

The products and services we fall in love with come from innovation. Innovation, at its best, is a result of creating out of sheer love and curiosity. Innovation and ideas come after contemplating, wondering, thinking relentlessly about a problem. The ideas come after we let go of needing to figure it out. When we relax while driving or taking a shower the very thing that was driving us crazy is now illuminated with clarity. If you've ever experienced these epiphanies you know what I'm talking about.

Once an idea makes its way from the mind to the heart, it is not easily stopped. I’m suggesting that some of your best ideas, services and products are going to originate from a source that is only accessed by being deeply in touch with your own purpose and creativity. That is your presence, it is your essence. 

Reaching our right people will be a guessing game (and one that we will get wrong) if we haven’t come in contact with our own sense of why. Here’s the secret and the thing you have to know about your why, it is not static. You don’t arrive at your why, or point of view, just to frame and hang it. You arrive at your point-of-view by being truthful about what you know now. Do your very best to communicate that, with clarity and conviction.

How can you speak to the heart and soul of your prospect when you haven’t touched on the heart of the matter for yourself?

Presence in Search is a way of thinking about the important conversation you want to have online. It is an invitation to define the problems you solve and the unique approach you take.

Presence brings a certain quality to the digital experience and a warmth to the human interaction we share in this space. We have to know who we are and who we want to serve to bring something of value to the market. We literally have to think for our ideal clients. They don't know what they want from us. Our brand, the way we operate, the experience we create and the conversation we invite, needs to be established with our ideal client in mind.

As the famous Akio Morito advises - “we don’t ask consumers what they want ; they don’t know. Instead we apply our brain power to what they need, and will want, and make sure we are there ready” - which comes as a result of being honest with ourselves about where we really want to be.

Presence in Search isn't just about showing up in search results. Presence in Search originates from our own experience and being present there. What is meaningful becomes our strongest connection point with the people we want to serve.