Targeted Web Traffic

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website 100% Organic

Getting free targeted website traffic seems like a reasonable thing, right?

That is what I thought when I started my first online business.

Google Analyticis is the "Reality Check!" It tells you how much traffic you are getting, where your traffic is coming from and what keywords are driving. If you don't like what you see...I'm going to help you do something about it.

How do you get free traffic to come to your website?

First you have to know what kind of traffic you want. 

What keywords do you want to be found by? If your perfect prospect was searching for an answer, what question would they be asking? You want to list at least 20 questions your prospect is asking. Take time to brainstorm and list all the questions you can think of. It helps to take a backward step and think about what is the problem that comes before the search. What is going on in that persons life that is triggering the question?

A great tool to help with brainstorming try searching in Quora, forums on your topic, Google + Communities, check Followerwonk, Facebook groups and niche blogs to find the conversations. It takes listening and curiosity to start to gain insight into the true needs, pains and desires of your ideal client.

If you are providing answers to the questions your target audience is asking, and you answer from an authentic, client-centered standpoint, you will be on your way to getting free traffic.

Look for gaps and opportunities

Start looking at search results for the keywords you love. Who shows up for those words? What is missing from the conversation? What could you bring to the conversation? Do you have a way to introduce yourself to the industry leaders in your niche? 

Find the gap between questions and answers, between queries and results and the place where you can fit in.