Overview of Scents and Signals

4 Must Have's For Your Website 

To be smart about winning in search engines while attracting your right people, don't miss these four critical elements.

A beautiful value proposition flows from compassion  and empathy for the "who" your business serves.

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Know Your Value Proposition

Knowing "who" you are serving seems so obvious, yet surprisingly the most overlooked step in creating an solid marketing plan.

Knowing your true value, results from understanding the needs of your right people.

When you communicate your value proposition in a way that strikes on unconscious fears and desires, you evoke curiosity and intrigue.

The secret to attracting, as opposed to hunting, your right people is by understanding the nuances of your ideal client, things your competitors will overlook. When you understand what makes your ideal client tick, what triggers them to search for your solution, and what word resonate with them at the core, you can build an entire process, not just a website, that is good for you and for them. Your value will increase immediately. 


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Think like an Artisan.

An artisan (from Italian: artigiano) is a skilled manual worker who makes items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including furniture, clothing, jewelry, household items, and tools.

Thinking like an artisan draws you into a place of reflection and inquiry. This process brings about new and fresh perspectives, it elevates your creativity, and strengthens your intuitive abilities. 

The challenge is exploring depths of possibilities without getting stuck in them. If you've started with a deep understanding and empathy, if your focus is on who you are here to serve, you can avoid the trap of getting lost in yourself, during this process. 

The artisan brings an authentic and autonomous voice, reminds us of what mass marketing has stolen from us, and builds appreciation and admiration for the creator.

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Rational: What does this do? How much does it cost? How does it compare with my other choices?

Emotional: How does this make me feel? Is it safe? Is it me?

Create Compelling Conversion Events 

Your ideal client wants to buy from you. She really does. But she has fears, insecurities and concerns that have to be addressed. Creating a buyer persona provides a framework to step into the shoes of your ideal client and provide a path that feels right. All experiences are a mix of rational and emotional components. 

Make relevant conversion possible on every page by combining elements that make it easy for her to take action. 

Rational + Emotional = Conversion

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Scent is the intuitive process a searcher uses when following a trail. Signals is a mix of factors search engines use to determine trust and relevancy to a search query. They work in a symbiotic and holistic way. 

Don't Ignore Search Engine Signals 

For every page include:
  • Unique topic
  • Unique title (displays in search results)
  • Unique meta description for the snippet
  • For non-dynamic sites: keywords in the file name, lowercase and hyphen separated
  • Descriptive anchor text for every link

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