Pinterest could be the ultimate tool for curating content.

Pinterest and building a targeted audience.

We are clearly visual creatures.

Pinterest is showing us just how much fun, and rewarding, curating around our passions can be.

I always like examples, so I put together a little story of the way Pinterest works - naturally - for marketing.

Meet Chic Vintage Brides.  A wonderful example of a truly passionate purveyor of vintage inspiration and a Pinterest natural.

The pin boards created by Chic Vintage Brides are organized around themes such as
veils, hair-dos, colors (vintage caramel, vintage gold, vintage dusky blue, etc.)
Art Nouveau, and other categories that work really well for curating around themes.

So why am I, as a holistic seachologist, interested in Chic Vintage Brides’ Pinterest activity? What does it have to do with SEO?

Here’s a look at keyword research:

The search term is 'Vintage Wedding Shoes'

It has a difficulty score of 46% (SEOmoz Keyword Difficulty Tool) Search volume around 2,400 global.

Chic Vintage Brides' website doesn't rank for this phrase but her Pinterest board of the same name is making its way into search results, and in this case, on page one (albeit in the 10th position). Update as of today, 12-12-12 her Pinterest Board is the number one result in SERPS for the keyphrase ‘vintage wedding shoes.’

Check this out. The screenshot below is from February 2012, when her Pinterest board listing was in the 10th place in SERPS:

As of today 12-12-12, her Pinterest board is result one, page one for the same query.

Another incredible metric: her Pinterest follower count on 12-12-12 for Chic Vintage Bridal Shoes pin board was 34,567.

Compared to February 17th 2012, when the same board had 634 followers.

Her impressive follower count growth? That was for just one board.

Her Pinterest Follower Number for the whole Chic Vintage Brides Account? Just shy of 3 million.

While this site owner doesn't deliberately employ SEO, she clearly knows her audience and how to create great content.

Her name is Amy and if you visit her "About" page you'll see she started the website in October of 2011 and already has 300,000 page views a month. My assumption: most of her traffic is coming from Pinterest.

"But what about my business?"

I know. If you don't have a business that has an obvious tie to lifestyle and the pinnable images like fashion, food, decorating or travel, there is still a way to use Pinterest for curating, but you'll have to be a lot more thoughtful and put a strategy in place - or have a strike of insight.

Strategy Revealed:

While search engines will continue to evolve and change algorithms, people and relationships remain predictable.

Pinterest could be one of the best tools you'll find for curating content and connecting with shared interests.

A good curator knows how draw from multiple sources to keep a wide perspective.

A good Pinner knows how to find images that inspire.

Just keep the following in mind when you go-a-pinning:

  • Have a passion 
  • Know your audience (and yourself)
  • Create unique content and make it visual (find or create stunning, entertaining, interesting visuals)
  • When appropriate, name your boards with keywords (the board name is the title and the board descriptions work as meta-description) 
  • Share generously (don’t make a board with pins just from your own site) 
  • Use Pinterest or any curating tools to broaden your perspective and to find new resources 
  • Let the right brain have fun
Do you use Pinterest as a curation tool? If you have examples or success stories to share, post them in Google Plus; add me in the share options (+TamiSmith). I'd love to hear how you are using Pinterest and why you love it (or don't)!

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