Google Plus Mindset

Google+ A Year Later: My Kind of Ghost Town

by Matthew Graybosch

"Google+ wasn’t a social network in the sense that Facebook or LinkedIn were. Nor was it much like Twitter. Instead, Google+ had more in common with sites like Reddit, Digg, and It was a forum for grown-ups willing to be themselves and stand behind whatever they posted publicly.

It was obvious to me, from the beginning, that Google+ was a great big cocktail party, and that if I didn’t engage with others I would just be standing on a soapbox and wondering why everybody’s ignoring me."

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I’d Rather Be Plussed Than Liked

by James Johnson

"One of my earliest memories of G+ was that there were actual conversations taking place. Not anger filled responses so a quote of comment, or basic “oh that’s cool”, or “word” type comments. There were actual conversations and constructive feedback.

Every day, I’m excited to be pushed to look at the world around me differently, not only for myself, but for something unique that I can share with the G+ community, a community that I know will appreciate taking the extra step to look at a world event, a person, or even a flower from a different perspective.

Whether it be the business and entrepreneurial musings of Chris Brogan, Ja-Nae Duane, and Erika Napoletano, or the creative talents of Guy Kawasaki and Trey Ratcliff, I find myself inspired and motivated by this increasingly engaging community. There’s a sense of belonging here that just doesn't exist on Facebook."  

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My Google+ Journey: Mia Familia

by Grace O'Malley

"Tentative first steps had me following those I already knew from Twitter, but nothing was happening! Most were so comfortable where they were they weren't giving G+ a chance. Well, humpf! What’s a girl to do now I ask you!

What this girl did was start using the search button and finding someone, anyone, who was talking and followed them. It wasn’t easy at that time but the best things in life never are. Eventually I had more following me back in one month then I had after 2 ½ years of Twittering my heart out! And, gasp, we were actually communicating and not throwing out blurts of abbreviated text!"  

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