Abby Kerr
Creative Director

Abby Kerr, Creative Director of the Voice Bureau

As the Creative Director of a small copywriting and branding agency, I used to have a process for optimizing a client's web copy based on best-bet keywords.

My well-thought-out strategy went out the window when I met Tami Smith. First, I was sold on Tami's impressive street cred (Google, for goshsakes), but secondly (and most importantly), the intimacy of search engine optimization, as she teaches it, resonated 100% with my brainy idealist's perspective on helping my clients get business.

She understands the way real human beings with real needs and challenges use the web when they're searching for a solution like yours -- whether you sell handcrafted furniture, high ticket consulting services, or haircuts.

Tami is the only SEO specialist I refer Voice Bureau clients to. And we most certainly use her empathetic approaches in-house, too.


How is it that you can send me a screencast about SEO keywords and I can finish watching it and feel like someone just gave me a 3-minute hug?

Never, never forget that you deliver results and your expertise and your smarts but it's also the EXPERIENCE. 

This is one more to-do that should stress me out because my plate is full and you go and make it zen. 

~ Such a rare gift 
Carrie Klassen
Owner & Creatrix

Jennifer Tollar
Sales Enablement,
Senior Program Manager 
at Google

Jennifer Tollar, Senior Program Manager at Google

Tami is a highly intelligent, entrepreneurial person who is truly great at problem solving in a creative and effective way. I could always count on her to find a solution with little to no guidance from me due to her take-charge nature. 

In addition to collaborating with colleagues from different backgrounds and experience levels, her solutions are inspirational and cutting-edge. 

She was always my go-to person regarding technology, learning and comprehension, workflow, and so on. I definitely recommend her if you want nothing less than the competitive edge.


Tami is down to earth, friendly, professional, and does her homework. 

By demonstrating her knowledge and experience, I've watched her light up faces with that "I think I finally understand!" look.

Look . . . her services are priceless! 
Artist, Educator & 
Social Media Marketer

Ingrid Alvarez, Artist, Educator & Social Media Marketer

Corinna Rake
Empowerment Formula

Corinna Rake of Online Empowerment Formula

We came to Tami because, as a company that pairs website content writing and WordPress design, we wanted to boost our SEO skills so we could better serve our clients.

Online Empowerment ended up getting that and so much more.

Tami helped us understand our ideal buyer in a way that we never had on our own and she helped us develop a content strategy that will bring us ideal, pre-qualified clients.


Marisa Goudy of Online Empowerment Formula

Hannah Ford, Owner

Hannah Ford of Belly Love Massage

Thank you, Tami! 

I've been working on my Buyer Persona and it's kinda got my head spinning. But I keep looking at the vibe board and it feels grounding and comforting. :) 

It is overwhelming, but at least I'm finally starting the work! Wish I had the sense to do something like this at the beginning . . .


I was completely intimidated and paralyzed by the complexity of SEO and worried that paying attention to it would undermine the authenticity of my website. 

Now I love SEO and find it stimulating as well as anchoring.

Before I write a post or a new service page, I know how to make it accessible by doing 10 minutes of simple research. I know exactly where to put the keyword terms and how to organize and optimize my page without compromising my integrity or authenticity. 

Actually, I am now finding that SEO enhances and deepens my connection to "my market" and my ideal clients.

I recommend Tami Smith to anyone who is starting a business or to those who want to fine tune and expand their business. It is one of the most valuable business skills I have now!


Krista Joy Arias, Owner

Krista Joy Arias of Tierra Soul

Gail Carruthers, CEO
Kazowe Shoes Inc 
Spiritual Girlfriend

Gail Carruthers of Kazowe Shoes Inc and Spiritual Girlfriend
Tami Smith’s organic search persona profiles are revolutionary! I have worked with other client profile processes to identify your ideal client and this system blew my mind!

The insightful questions challenge you to go deeper into your brand and pull out the subtle nuances of your ideal buyer. All other products end here, though . . . not Tami’s!

This is actually where the magic starts, and the ingenious, intuitive backend pathways brilliantly correlates your data with an in-depth physiological profile of your ideal client.

It is like making your very own avatar! If you want to launch your company to the top of your game, work with Tami Smith to meet your Ideal client. They are waiting to meet you!




Not only did I gain incredible insight into the world of SEO, but also unexpected clarity around my niche market and ongoing website development.

Tami offered her abundance of technical knowledge and translated it into language that was easy to understand and integrate into my business.  

If you want to increase your business visibility and create an effective strategy to build your online presence, get off the fence and start now.
Sarah Juliusson, 0wner 

Sarah Juliusson of Birth Your Business

Lisa McLatchie
Style & Image Expert

Lisa McLatchie of Practical Fashionista

I hired Tami last Fall to help me with my SEO . . .

Seriously, she did one 10-page report for me at the time (which was really fairly priced) and I implemented everything she suggested, and in the last 4 months, my business has quadrupled! 


The moniker “Searchologist” doesn’t begin to describe what Tami Smith does for her clients. For a wannabe geek like me, having Tami bridge the gap of understanding how to create my online presence in an authentic, heart-centered, and empowered way has been an important piece to my entrepreneurial puzzle.

At a time when I am becoming more focused and clear about the niche that I am to serve, Tami did extensive research to find the keyword search combinations that build the foundation of my unique business identity online.

She also brought valuable perspective on my branding from the search engine point of view that I simply wouldn't have considered on my own.

Tami is warm, thoughtful, and caring -- and deeply committed to contributing her talent and expertise to her clients’ success. 



Katherine Burks of Vizability


W. Winn, MD 
Megellan Behavioral Health

Wandal Winn, MD - Megellan Behavioral Health

Tami . . . you are great! Our time together was very helpful to me. I have lots of notes, ideas, and now the screencasts.

Just FYI, as someone who has a lot of experience in teaching, communicating and evaluating, I wanted to give you some unsolicited but specific feedback:

You come across ( via site, email, conversation, etc.) as just the right combination of friendly and professional. 

You are able to meet your client ‘where she/he is’ regarding experience, use of language, tech savvy, stage of project development, etc.

Your knowledge set and experience comes through during the consultation; you have both breadth and depth of knowledge.


Your knowledge is so vast in Google and online search and your way of explaining it is so simple and easy to grasp.

I'm so excited to continue to optimize my website and not only that, but with your help I'm able to do this myself, and I get to understand how and why it's done!

You have been so instrumental in helping me to fully grasp the concept of utilizing keyword strategy to help me grow the traffic that not only visit my websites, but helping me convert them to clients.

Thank you for your way of laying out keyword strategies in simple terms and making sure I am able to understand the concept and put it into practice with my online presence.

You're an expert at what you do and I'm so glad to be working with you. Thank you again for your time and input and I appreciate your terrific skills!


Trishann Couvillion, Owner 

Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography

Lynda McDaniel, Director
Association for Creative Business Writing

Lynda McDaniel, Director of Association for Creative Business Writing

I've been in marketing most of my career, but today’s new e-world order requires a radically different approach to promoting my business. Tami Smith has been a patient and knowledgeable guide through this new frontier.

Thanks to her, I now understand the importance of keywords, back links, hyperlinks, and all sorts of new notions.

Tami has helped make my blog, Web copy, and Tweets work for me—rather than just being more work for me!

Author of Words at Work
Winner of National Best Books Award in Writing


I just want to say thank you once again. I'm getting found for all kinds of interesting long tail searches and keywords based on the on page SEO changes I've made and some blog posts I've published! I'm beginning to track how my clients have found me, so I am realizing how a solid web presence supports my offline marketing and networking. 

Lots of clients tell me they "see me everywhere" and maybe also got a referral from someone in the community. Slowly but surely it's coming together. I have a very busy September coming up and for the first time ever I am booked solid for October. There will be busy months and slow months, but now I know ways to use the downtime to create more busy times. 

Thanks again! 


Marissa Potter, Owner

Marissa Potter of Belly Full Birth

Charlotte Lammerhir

Charlotte Lammerhirt of The Mortgage Navigator

Honestly, I just can't say enough about these personas!

Totally changes how I am thinking about search and many, many new ideas for downloads and blog posts are coming to mind.

This is HUGE!

Learn more about the type of people I work with and what we do together.