Scents and Signals ebook

 The missing key to winning the heart of your ideal client 
Woman in lavender fields with purple blindfold scarp

Your Ideal Client Can't Find Your Website and It Isn't Your Fault! 

You are waiting with open arms. 

You have a beautiful message, crafted just for your ideal client. 

You are ready to help. It is what you want to do more than anything in the world. 

But she is like a blindfolded person in a lavender field. She loves the scent of lavender but she can't find you, even though your lavender scented solution would make her swoon.  

There's a missing piece. Something no one has told you about. It isn't just about keywords, it is about the language your ideal client uses when she is searching. 

It is knowing how to write for her and for search engines. 

There is a way to relax, be yourself, love what you do and let your ideal client come to you. The surprising secrets are revealed in the ebook  Scents and Signals: The missing key to winning the heart of your ideal client. 

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