Setting Up Pinterest for Your Brand

I found Pinterest in Sept 2011, innocently, through my younger sister.

e were planning our parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary and she showed me this collection of photos she had put together of table decorations, invitations, cakes, food and drinks.

It was love at first sight! The ability to pin any picture I came across, from any website, was revolutionary.
I was hooked as we started sharing ideas and pictures on our "planning an anniversary" board.

If you don't get the point of Pinterest think about it this way.

Have you ever clipped pictures from magazines and made a collage or pinned them to your fridge?

Have you ever created a vision board?

That is what Pinterest is like. It's like clipping pictures of things that you love from a magazine, but in
this case it is from anywhere online, quick and easy.

How are people using Pinterest?

People are using Pinterest for planning, organizing, getting ideas, being entertained and for inspiration. .
You'll see a lot of wedding boards, recipe boards, vacation, decorating, celebration ideas, and now marketing board, brands marketing their businesses. Pinterest is very accommodating to businesses.

How to setup Pinterest as a Business Page - UPDATED

In Nov of 2012 Pinterest created an easier way for Brands and Businesses to have accounts.

You have two options: convert your existing personal account to a business account, or
sign up for a new business account.  This ability to sign up for a new business account is a lifesaver if you are managing another businesses Pinterest activity. I've set-up Pinterest Business Pages for a number of businesses who want to get started but don't have time.

Business Best Practices for Pinterest.

  1. Be thoughtful about the boards you create & don't create a lot of boards that only have a few pictures in them. 
  2. By being thoughtful, I mean commit. There's a lot of social media people joining just to have another channel. 
  3. Don't be one of those people. Pick your bards like you pick topics for blogging. Make it something you care about so you can add value. Make sure there's a link to the original image. There's nothing more disappointing than finding a great looking dish or drink and the link for the recipe is missing. Or finding a place that looks amazing and no one knows where it is. 
  4. Use good descriptions on the images. 
  5. Write a description for your boards. 
  6. Pinterest has changed the links on pins to "no-follow" which means they don't have the same weight, but as always, when we are creating content and links it is for our ideal client to find and follow. Search engine interests and rankings will change overtime but connecting authentically with like-minded people is a strategy that will work every time. 

How are brands using Pinterest?

Pinterest as a Content Curation Tool