Social Media Content Strategy

The New Age of Marketing: Social Search, Influence, Promotion and PR

As you prepare to "go to market" with a strong offering, clear messaging, and phenomenal value positioning; you are probably considering the best approach for on-going content creation.

Building a cost-effective, engaging and forward thinking marketing program answers the following:

    Who are You?

    Who is your target?

    What are they looking for?

    How will your target find you?

    How will you build trust?

    How will you engage?

    How will you promote?

    How will you measure?

The Social Media Content Strategy Consulting Package Includes:

Keyword Research

The optimal words available to you; based on what you do (category words) and who your audience is (search queries).

Generally, you will have 50 keywords for every topic. However, because we are developing your bank, those 50 words will be reduced to your top 10 to make content management more manageable. We understand that you are a small business owner and you don’t have a marketing team to create content every day, in every format.

With a keyword bank the content you create will be strategic and focused.

When using our proprietary system of creating content around you own keyword phrases, you will be able to use images, video, blog posts, and even Twitter updates to see a huge return on your efforts.

With our knowledge of blended search results and how it has changed the way your keywords show up in search rankings, we have developed a method to give you a keyword bank of: 

Target Keyword Phrases For:

  • For Your Topics
  • Shining the Light on Your Expertise
  • Phrases We Know Your Best Prospect Are Using When Searching for Solution/Services
  • Bringing Your Best Prospect to Your Site

How to identify and listen to your target audience

Listen, gather intelligence; before creating content for your audience. 

  • Word tracker labs 
  • Forums, Groups 
  • Review Sites 
  • Advanced Twitter Search 
  • Google Trends 
  • Industry blogs 
  • Influential leaders in your vertical
We will help you identify, monitor and become a part of those conversations.

Your content strategy includes a spreadsheet of the influential bloggers in your industry/niche, forums, and authority high trust websites.

Social Media Content Strategy Consulting starts at $2895.00